• The EVO flag is the result of an evolution of quality flag design. We recognized the influx of poor quality flags being offered on the market and set out to find a quality and affordable alternative. The EVO flag is the result. The EVO is cut slightly narrower than the Flex Banner and available only in a 15ft Tall size it is also mounted on a slightly lighter composite pole set than the Flex Series flags ? all these things result in major cost saving which we pass onto you. The EVO continues to use quality inks and production methods ensuring terrific return on investment. If you are unsure of the value of a roadside advertising flag and do not want to spend a lot of advertising dollars to find out how well this medium works or if you are currently using flags and want a better quality more durable product then the EVO is the right choice for you. Call us today for a free quotation. 1-888-530-8151.

  • Tech Specs:
    Material - Polyester
    Print: FULLY CUSTOMIZABLE - Full Color Digital or Screened
    Poles: Composite
    Available Sizes: 15ft TOTAL HEIGHT WHEN ASSEMBLED

  • Mount:
    1) Stake (included in kit)
    2) Ground Platform
    3) Trailer Hitch Mount
    4) Wall Mount
    5) Tire Roll Over
    Kits Include: Flag, Poles, Bungee and Stake
    Flags are available without hardware